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Farmondo Cycling Event 2019


Ride Registration

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The Tempo Velo Cycling Club presents the 7th annual Tempo Velo Farmondo. 

So what is a Farmondo? It's simply a fun, yet quirky and catchy name our local cycling club invented. Being that our ride was not a completely traditional fondo, and because it covers such a large expanse of farmland, we combined the two lines of thought and created "Farmondo". We felt that the name Farmondo somehow captured the spirit of our ride.   

History of the Farmondo

In the summer of 2013, our local club decided we wanted to create a paved road event that captured the freedom and adventurous spirit of a gravel grind, while also allowing for the challenge and competitive fire of a sanctioned race. We wanted something a little less time consuming than a century ride, and we wanted to create varying route distances that would make seasoned riders and citizens equally excited and challenged. And lastly, we wanted to have post-ride food and beverages, because that makes things just a little more fun. Who doesn't want that?!  

What is a fondo?

Gran fondo is a European term that means long distance or great endurance. Add bicycles, comaraderie, and a challenging scenic course to the term gran fondo, and you have yourself an event to remember! Included in a fondo are feed zones offering refreshments to fuel up on (fruit, cookies, drinks, etc.), and a post ride meal and drink that will make you smile.

Some cyclists ride fondos for satisfaction and the pride of making it to the finish. Others choose to simply challenge themselves. And then there are those driven with competitive fire who ride to win. A true European gran fondo can be upwards of 130 miles, with shorter events termed medio fondo or fondo. For our 4th year, we are offering up an 82 mile course as our gran fondo distance (Bull Ride), a 43.4 mile course as our medio fondo (Hog Ride), and a 20.4 mile course as our citizens fondo (Rooster Ride).

Some people might say our ride is too short, while others may say it is too long. Regardless of your choice of mileage, we promise you a challenging and memorable bicycling experience. Cheers to a good ride!

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